showcase your pride with us.

The following is a breakdown of eligible perks according to the respective sponsorship level.


  • Website

We include all of our sponsors, regardless of level on our website to showcase our pride with all of our followers.

  • Social Media

We will announce your sponsorship on Facebook immediately to our BG Pride community. We will also share your logo on our other platforms periodically through the rest of the year.

  • Event Sponsor Listing

You will be added to a sponsorship banner hung at all our events. This includes our National Coming Out Day Celebration and the Royal Rainbow Ball (LGBTQ Prom).


  • Guaranteed spot in BG Pride 2020

For our 2020 parade, you’ll be given a spot for a float, car and walkers from your organization to join the fun!

  • Parade Shirt Listing

Your name will appear on the back of the shirt sold for the 2020 parade.

  • Pinta Family Float Banner Listing

You or your company’s name will appear on Molly’s float on a group banner.

  • Custom Banner for Pinta Parade Float

You will have your own banner with your logo on Molly’s float at the beginning of the parade.

Donation Diamond Platinum Gold Silver






Social Media

Listed as sponsor at all events

Guaranteed Parade Spot

Listing on Parade Shirt

Listing on banner on Pinta Family Float

Mention in media interviews when possible